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There are many nuances to defending DWI cases. With a focus on getting your case dismissed let me take a close look at your case for a comprehensive analysis of all applicable defenses.
2 Drug Charges
Search and seizure law, the right to be free of unreasonable search and seizures, is applicable in all possession cases. Search and seizure law is vast and complex. As a former Dallas County narcotics prosecutor let my experience work for you!
3 Grand Jury No Bills
If you are arrested for a felony call me immediately to discuss a grand jury presentation designed to persuade the grand jury to No-Bill the charge against you! That means you go home before your case even gets to court!

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    Meet Michal A. Smith

    Michael A SmithMichael A. Smith graduated from South West Texas State University in San Marcos, Texas with a Bachelor of Science degree in Criminal Justice. Upon graduating from University, Mr. Smith enrolled at SMU Law School graduating in 1992. After graduating from SMU Law School Mr. Smith worked at the Dallas County District Attorney's office as an assistant district attorney. During his tenure at the Dallas County District Attorney's office Mr. Smith worked as chief prosecutor for several County courts prosecuting misdemeanor cases. Later, Mr. Smith became a felony prosecutor prosecuting all manner of felony offenses including Capitol Murder cases. Mr. Smith was also assigned to the Organized Crime Division prosecuting narcotics trafficking cases. Mr. Smith resigned his position with the district attorney's office in 1999 to start a criminal defense practice.

    Mr. Smith handles and defends all State and Federal charges.